Survival Tips: Preparing for Adventure

Planning a trip outside, even for a short daytime hike, should always include some essential planning and prepping steps to ensure your well-being and safety. Print off this handy checklist for yourself, a friend, or that teenager in your life to ensure that the next adventure does not go awry. It’s always better to be overly prepared for a little journey than to be underprepared for an unexpected, big adventure.

Make a Plan: It’s best to travel in pairs, or more. Buddy up and then tell someone where you are going and what time you expect to be back. Check in with them once you are home to let them know you made it safely.

Make a List:

  • Hiking shoes or trail shoes to get you there and back
  • Backpack to hold all the essentials
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and hat to protect yourself from the sun, even on cloudy days
  • First Aid Kit for any scrapes or injuries
  • Knife or multi-purpose tool
  • Waterproof matches, flashlight, and whistle in case of emergency
  • Food and water, including a portable purifier or purifying tablets if you run out of water
  • Rain gear and some spare dry clothing
  • Map and compass, because cell phone reception and GPS may not always be available
  • Camping gear for overnight trips, including shelter and sleeping bag

Make No Mess: Leave no trace as you trek your way through the woods. In fact, try to leave Mother Nature more beautiful than how you found her. What you pack in, you should also pack out.

To cover some of your day trip essentials, check out the Everyday Carry Mini Survival Kits from Southern Belle Products. It covers many of the essentials above, so that you are ready for anything Mother Nature brings your way. Great for all day hikes or quick trips into the backcountry. For extended trips, the “Oh, Sh*t!” Watertight Survival Boxes will cover your ass(ets) so that you are ready for almost anything in the great outdoors.


“Oh Sh*t!” Kits for All of Life’s Emergencies

Survival Kits from Wilderness Adventures to Car Ventures

Have you ever ventured out and found yourself stuck without that one essential you could really use right about now? I have and it’s not where I want to find myself again. I am not just talking about being stuck in the woods without bandages and a Mylar blanket (true story), but also about car trips when I could really use some anti-itch cream (another true story), or behind my desk at work when my upset stomach starts rumbling (yep, it’s happened). Welcome to my “Oh Sh*t!” Kit Collection.

Southern Belle Products takes pride in prepping and preparing you for whatever comes your way. Our kits are designed for workday to weekend day life – whether you head into the forest, down the river, across town, or into the office. With three kit options geared towards big ventures and small daily adventures, having help at hand is essential to surviving. Even if it is just a paper cut, we’ve got you covered.

Our Watertight Boxes are fully equipped with survival essentials in case of emergency. Designed to withstand submersion in water and ready to strap down, these kits are excellent for venturing into the wilderness, stashing at home just in case, or keeping in the trunk of your car. No matter where you are, you can access a surplus of supplies. With more than 35 items enclosed, we offer both a small and large size of the Watertight Box. Items cover everything from first-aid essentials and medicine, to wilderness tools and emergency gear.

The Mini Everyday Carry Kits are a smaller size survival kit with several options: First Aid, Medicine, and Sewing Kit. Perfect for purses, vacations, at your work desk, or in your overnight backpack. Mighty but powerful, these kits pack a punch when you need a little extra help. Easy to care and ready when you need them most.

Women’s Daily Survival Bags from Southern Belle Products are great for ladies of all ages. An excellent travel, school, or work companion, these kits come filled with just about everything you could need on a regular basis. From hair to nails, sewing to small scrapes, personal care to pearly whites, our female-oriented kits make a great gift for yourself or a friend.

It’s always better to be prepared than to say “Oh, Sh*t!” when life’s little and big emergencies come your way. Stop by our store to view our entire Survival Kit collection.

Prepping for the Great Outdoors with Paracord

Paracord Products for Safety and Survival

You’ve probably seen dozens of paracord products on shelves, online, or on your friend’s wrist. A lot of people like the way paracord products look or they hold significance for them due to military service. Clearly many people love paracord, and you can count me as one of their fans. You will be too once you read about the pros of prepping for day to day life with paracord products.

First introduced by the Air Force during World War II as the suspension lines in parachutes, paracord was an essential material for military members, and then civilians. It quickly became a general-purpose utility cord used around the house and out in the wilderness. Paracord has even proven useful in space to help repair the Hubble Space Telescope!

Fast forward to today and you will find that paracord can be fashioned into many items, allowing the piece to be practical and ready to use should a need arise. Whether you must rig a piece of equipment back together, stop blood flow on an injury, create yourself an extra shoelace or belt, or haul heavy items, paracord has performed countless tasks. All it takes is undoing a bracelet or lanyard, unraveling the paracord, and putting it to good use.

With my own loved ones in the military, paracord has always been present in my life. It wasn’t until I discovered the different ways to fashion the paracord into everyday items that I realized a thin rope could be both fashionable and functional. Today, I offer dozens of items made from paracord. With a tensile strength of 550 pounds and a plethora of color options, there is a paracord product for everyone – including our favorite furry friends.

Southern Belle Products offers Bracelets, Key Fobs, Lanyards, Rifle Slings, Watchbands, Dog Collars, and Dog Leashes handmade from paracord. Reflective paracord options are great for nighttime excursions. For almost every inch of bracelet or collar, you get a full foot of paracord. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving when you need it most!

Visit our store to shop the paracord products and prep yourself (and loved ones) for safety and survival.

Welcome to Southern Belle Products

Navigating Nature for Adventures at Home and on the Go

Born and raised in Georgia, I grew up with nature as a friend and a foe. Exploring the great outdoors, ticks, bugs, sticks and mud found me, but I also found a way to restore my injuries and repair my skin in natural ways. Baking soda would relieve a bug bite and a good salt scrub would clean up the messiest of knees. There was no need to go to the drugstore when all I needed was to look at the solutions mother nature provided.

Fast forward years later and I decided to launch Southern Belle Products. A place where my true southern belle spirit meets surviving what life throws our way. This is where skin care and aromatherapy bring the great outdoors to you and where paracord and survival essentials bring you safely into the great outdoors. For me, it’s about bringing together the best of both worlds – loving my time relaxing at home and enjoying my moments outdoors.

Unlike most body product and home aromatherapy lines, my belief is less is more. I say yes to all natural ingredients and I just say no to artificial fillers. A bath should be an organic experience, not full of synthetic sensory and skin irritants. A home should smell clean and natural, not overly stuffy and headache inducing. I search out the ingredients for my line with an eye towards what is closest to the earth, not what is the cheapest or quickest to procure. Each item is made by hand, with you in mind.

When it comes to venturing outside, I want to experience it safely and I want that for you, too. With loved ones in the military, I know what it means to be prepared. My Paracord Series provides stylish, yet survival inspired elements – items readily available should you need a helping hand (or rope) in case of emergency. My “Oh Sh*t!” Series keeps you fully equipped on the go. From Watertight Boxes with all the essentials, to Mini Everyday Carry Kits for quick fixes. Outfitting yourself is the best choice before venturing outside.

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Southern Belle Products! I’m looking forward to many great adventures to come – and yours, too!